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Chocolate on cake!


After expressed my awes for the Kyrgyz mounts last time, I decided to take a look at some Kyrgyz Travel Videos due to some reasons. The first one is of course to get closer look at the country itself and another reason is to find out what’s there for me. I mean, since I’m not a professional skier or mount climber, how could I even dream of seeing those great peaks of Kyrgyzstan one day?!

Fortunately, my little research did not disappoint me. I found that there are tons of different tour packages I can choose to visit those places. Hiking and trekking tours are so various that all the one needs is some free time and good enough health. But my lost energy by age does not really allow me to walk that far and want something even more extreme than that at the same time! Guess what: I can get what I wish now! Helicopter tours – both energy saving and exciting! Just can’t wait to get that chance of looking at the majestic rocks from above!

Great mountains of a small country…


I have always been proud of our Rocky Mountains! They are majestic and beautiful! Their peaks above the clouds are one of the biggest achievements of some people and for some the greatest aim! In all ways, they really suit the Great country where they are located.

However, I have never thought that a tiny country, which is absolutely unknown to some of us, could overtake our peaks! People may not have heard about this place – Kyrgyzstan before, but they definitely know Tien Shan mountain system! And guess what, its highest peak is situated in that very country!

Peak Pobeda (Victory) is much higher then the highest peak in Rockies of Colorado! Approximate comparison would be 7000 vs 4000 meters!

Life is a climb…


I was thinking too much about the ups and downs of life lately, as if it would be better if everything became so smooth. What really helped me to finally find inner peace was just observing the nature! I took a small trip to the mountains and I felt so small looking at those ginormous parts of Earth and the problems in my tiny mind just disappeared! How great those mountains were!

If we make some comparison, then it looks like mountains are the “ups and downs” of nature, just like the problems in our lives. But these very mountains are the ones which make this world so beautiful! They are the ones which give us motivation to go up and climb to the biggest heights! From now on, I love my life with its problems, just like I do nature with its majestic mountains!