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Heart of Tian Shan

As one of the greatest mountains of the world, Tien Shan is already known to you. Why not to explore it more today, for it is so huge in size and each of its parts are also special in some ways.

For instance, let me introduce you to one of the most interesting valleys of Tian Shan – Suusamyr. They say that it is located at the center of the whole mountain range and that is the reason why they call it the Heart of Tian Shan.

Suusamyr’s slopes are one of the highest and untouched ones in the region. The lovers of winter sports and tourists, however, still try to visit the place and enjoy skiing, more exactly heli-skiing on the perfect routes of snow!

People of Cave

As I mentioned before, there are so many amazing stories that are connected to the caves. Today I would like to share one of the most amazing and breathtaking ones that have ever been told in history and that is the story of “People of the Cave”.

Everyone, who is familiar with the Holy Qur’an, the message of Islam, perfectly knows what I am talking about. This story is about young men, who left their houses, home town in order to escape the evil of their nation. The thing is, they observed people worshipping idols and they realized how wrong it actually was. Because there was no one else, who could support them with the same opinion, they decided to leave the town, asking Lord to show the right way.

On the way they stopped at the cave an decided to have some rest. With the magic of Lord, they fell asleep for 300 hundred years! However, when they woke up, they had no idea about that; they thought to have been sleeping for just about hour!

I would like you please go ahead and read the rest of the story from the site, since it is more detailed and accurate there.

Story on Mountains

It is sad that not all expeditions and trips to the mountains go as happy as expected. Mountains are such places, where danger goes so close to the person. It means that the one should be extremely careful while taking an adventure to this not very safe place.

Here is what happened to one of the young people, who loved extreme and did not care enough about his safety: he decided to take a ride to the mountains and canyons on the Bike! As I think, it is not easy to even walk normally at those places, not even talking about riding a bike there! So, there happened an scary accident in the middle of nowhere… Following is the trailer of a movie, which was based on that true story:


Caves in Kyrgyzstan

While a person goes for climbing, he must be ready for so many pleasant and not really expected situations, surprises and other conditions of a nature. Sometimes the weather makes it hard to go on towards the goal or some wild animals may not welcome the new visitor on their mountain.

However, the amount of pleasant surprises are also not so little. As I said in the last post, mesmerizing beauty of crystal clear lakes, rare and precious trees or plants and what I missed last time – the caves!

Mountains are definitely interesting and rich with adventures especially because of caves! They may hide so many treasures and history inside that keep the people attracted.

Here in the site you can see the list of greatest caves in the territory of Kyrgyzstan. Save them for future, just in case you may want to go for some exploring!

Gems on Mountains

While talking about greatest mountains of the world, there are some things that we cannot ignore in them.Those are the gems, pearls of mountains –  the alpine lakes! Why are they called as treasures? Pretty simple, because not every mountain is  “lucky” enough to have them!

Mountaians of Kyrgyzstan is also lucky enough to be the place, which has not one but many alpine lakes hidden in its glorious nature. The largest among them and the second by the size in the world lake is “Issyk Kul”.

Its literal meaning is “Warm Lake”, which is because the lake never gets frozen, despite the cold weather of the area. This is explained as the level of saltiness of issyk Kul is really very high.

The wonders of this lake are pretty huge in amount. There are many rivers that flow into this lake, however, none flow out of it. This fact was the reason why they also call Issyk Kul as an alpine sea…

Be Nomad’s Guest

I am guessing that the menu of Kyrgyz nomad’s food must have already tickled your appettite. But still it is a bit difficult to imagine what the food really looks like and how it may taste till you see how they cook it.

So, how about taking a look to the process of making those yummy dishes by the professional chef cook of Kyrgyzstan? In this video you will not only enjoy the process of cooking, but also the way how Kyrgyz nomads used to meet guests at their homes. Most of those traditions are still followed nowadays, so whenver you get a chance to visit Kyrgyz family, it will not be all new for you.

Nomad’s Cuisine

Nomads had to face really harsh natural conditions, yet were able to survive through all of them. It may be because of their perfect health and body structure. However, one of the main factors for their health is of course food that they ate.

Unlike the western cuisine, full of diets and veggies, Kyrgyz food is very strong. The main part of Kyrgyz cuisine is meat, a lot of it! It may sound very weird but they also use horse meat, which is also said to be really strong and nutritious. They use not only horse’s meat, but also its milk. There is a nice drink, called “Kymyz” made of that milk. They are fond of bread, noodles, variety of food made of flour.

The above said food and drinks help the person to stand freezing weather conditions. For the ones who never used to eat that much meat, it may be really heavy and may cause some uneasiness, but for nomads it is exactly what they need.

Nomad’s house

Since we started the topic about nomads, why not to go further into their lives. One of the main things, which may interest you, is probably the nomadic house, so let us be a guest there today!

Previously, we said that nomads used to survive even in the harsh conditions of mountains and some of them still do. What kind of house can that be, which kept them safe from freezing winters and blowing winds?

Nomads in Kyrgyzstan call their “tents” as “yurta”s. It is the round shaped tent, which is really easy to collect and set up again. This is the most important quality of a nomadic house, which can be set in variety of places every other month. Although the house seems pretty small without separate rooms, the order of things in there may simply amaze you!

First of all, the yurta is divided into several zones: a part for the family’s man, then for a woman and children, if there are any. The center of yurta can be called a “kitchen”; that is where families have meals together. They can even cook at that place and no need to worry about fire: the top of yurta has “Tunduk” – a round opening, through which light comes inside and the smoke goes out.

Nomads nowadays

In one of these beautiful but extremely cold winter days I was sitting on my sofa, all cuddled up with warm blanket and thinking what are those, who have no homes and warm place to relax like I have, doing now? Then the thoughts went back to history and the lifestyle of people before all this progress that we have now…

I have heard that there are still people, for whom it is a usual thing to go through harsh winters. They are absolutely not homeless people, neither some kind of wild tribes. Those people still live in the regions of Kyrgyzstan and called nomads…

Kyrgyz nation used to live the nomadic lifestyle at the very beginning and by the time, it changed a lot. There is almost no difference between the lifestyles of modern Kyrgyz and westerners. However, some of them still cannot get used to new things, or just do not want to let go off the traditions. Those nomads now live around Song-Kul, at the height of almost 3000 meters above the sea level! Click here to find out more about the lake.

That beautiful lake and the territory around it is just perfect for their cattle to herd in summer. They could have probably moved to the normal houses by this time, if there was no such great love for the ancient culture and way of life…

Life on Pamirs

I guess there is no one who has not heard about Pamir mountains. The mountain range lies in several countries, including China, Afghanistan and Kyrgyzstan. Seeing the majestic peaks touching the sky, the one does not even wonder that there may be the whole community living there.

For us, it is impossible to imagine living with almost no conditions AND up on the roof of the world. Not only living there, but also staying for a couple weeks. So, it is better to see with own eyes how they actually survive among those tough conditions. This video shows Kyrgyz people living on Pamirs and their style of life.